Dear Write for Ten users,

Welcome to the new and improved Write for Ten! I'm writing this letter to give you details on what's new in this version and what inspired it. It's a long letter, so here's a summary.

TL;DR After 7 years of running this website, I had to choose between shutting it down or continuing development on it as a paid service. I chose the latter after hearing from people who wanted to keep using the website because it helps them maintain a writing habit. Try the new version by signing up or logging in.
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I created Write for Ten 7 years ago with the goal of helping users develop a writing habit. In the past few years, significant life events have prevented me from updating the website. I finished graduate school, moved cross-country to a new job, got married, and now I’m a proud father of a curious and strong 5-month-old girl.

Two months ago, I was at a crossroads on whether I should continue running Write for Ten. The first option was to end the service because I haven’t worked on it and keeping its server running required work, vigilance, and money—all of which were in limited supply. By shutting it down, the service could give a proper farewell to its many users and allow current users to download their writings.

The second option was to continue working on it, but in a way that was sustainable. A sustainable service meant 4 things: get support from its users, avoid spam, invite new users, and add new features.

Inspired, I started working on a new version of Write for Ten. This new version is what you see now. It has the following features:

  • Complete redesign of the website
  • Viewable on multiple devices: phones, tablets, desktop
  • Private-only to discourage spam, though old writings that were public will remain public
  • Download all of your writings
  • Invite other people

You can try this new version for free until the end of 2017. If you decide that you want to support this new service, the cost is $3 per month (or $18 per year). If you decide that you don’t want to continue using the service, you can download all of your writings for your own archive.

Creator of Write for Ten